Grooming Salon

Our grooming salon features the top groomers in New Jersey. We groom every dog from the smallest Chihuahua, to the largest Great Dane. We even groom Cats too!
Grooming Starting Prices-
Price depends on size of the dog and condition of the coat
Haircuts Include-  Bath, haircut, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and sanitary cut.
Puppies start at $35
Small start at $50
Medium start at $60
Large start at $75
Extra large start at $85
Bath's include- Bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, and brushout
Price depends upon size of dog and length of coat!
Small starts at $25
Medium starts at $30
Large starts at $40
Extra Large starts at $50
Dog Nail clipping $10, Cat Nail Clipping $12
Nail clipping and nail grinding $16
Nail paintng $10
Tooth brushing $6
Tooth brushing plus nail grinding  $10
Oatmeal bath $5
Flea bath $10
Deskunking $10
Deshed  (deshedding shampoo and Furminator treatment) $15- $18
Dematting $5 for every 15 minutes
Cat Grooming- Price depends on size of the cat and condition of the coat
Bath, Brush out, ears, and nails starts at $50
haircut starts at $75
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